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Student Handbook


Woodstock ElementarySchool



Mrs. Shea Essman, PRINCIPAL



Alabama Reading Initiative School



Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative School


Alabama First Class Pre-K


Bibb County School District Accreditation:

Advance Ed/Southern AssociationofColleges and Schools


19456 Eastern Valley Road

Woodstock, Alabama 35188
Phone: 938-2028 Fax:938-2044

Web Site:wes.bibbed.org



It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to welcome you to Woodstock Elementary School. Whether you are joining us for the first time or you have been a part of the Woodstock family for years, we encourage you to make the most of your time with us. We look forward to assisting you in fulfilling your educational goals. Our teachers, staff, and I are dedicated to supporting your efforts for academic achievement success. Several of the local businesses have joined with us in our efforts to help ALL students at W.E.S. succeed. Featured sponsors have provided the funds to purchase this agenda to give “free of charge” to every student enrolled in grades 1-4. Please take time to show your appreciation and support to these local businesses.


The Student Handbook section was developed to inform Woodstock Elementary students and parents about important rules, regulations, and policies. It will acquaint you with our academic curriculum programs along with the various student organizations available. We recognize that effective communication among all stakeholders is critical to establishing and maintaining a successful school. Please read the handbook carefully and use it as a reference when questions arise.


The Student Agenda section design was selected to aide you in developing organizational and study skills. The agenda planner will help keep you current with homework, as well as, containing steps to improve spelling, increase study skills and improve test taking strategies to raise test scores. In addition, students will find important character education lessons and other information to ensure a successful school year. You need to share your planner with your parents nightly, so they can look at your assignment section to check to see that you are regularly recording assignments and to check for completion.


We approach this school year with great enthusiasm as we continue to emphasize improved academic achievement and overall development of your child. The teachers, staff, and I wish you a very organized, enjoyable and successful school year


As principal, I will strive to be visible and accessible at all times to meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment if you have a specific concern or question about the progress of your child.



Shea Essman, Principal




Woodstock Elementary students are encouraged to take a personal responsibility for their education and become life-long learners in order to become contributing members of society in our ever changing world.




●  Every child is entitled to a classroom and school environment that is safe and conducive to learning.


●  Education shapes students’ future and should be a shared responsibility among students, teachers, parents and the community.


●  Schools which foster competence, cooperation, and excellence encourage students to develop a sense of pride by doing their best.


●  Opportunities for success, regardless of individual differences, are provided for all students through the use of assessment and a variety of innovative teaching methods.


●  Students who appreciate the diversity of others will be more tolerant citizens in the global community.



●  A child’s motivation, confidence, academic and social success is developed in part by the parent’s degree of interest and school involvement.

Woodstock Elementary is proud to be an Alabama Reading Initiative School since 2000. Our faculty and staff is devoted to implement the most updated research techniques to address the needs of struggling readers while expanding the reading power of all others. By using research-based instructional strategies, we are continually working to develop a balanced reading program within a dynamic print-rich environment. This balanced program includes each element of the reading process: Shared reading, Interactive reading, Guided reading, and Independent reading. The ultimate goal of Woodstock Elementary School and the Alabama Reading Initiative is to reach 100%literacy by having all children at Woodstock Elementary reading at or above grade level.


We welcome you to come and share in this excitement with us as we develop successful young readers and writers.


Alabama Math Science & Technology

Woodstock Elementary was proud to have been awarded the AMSTI competitive grant in February 2008. We continue today to collaborate with The University of Montevallo and The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative to improve math and science education. Teachers continue to receive training and support on curriculum, instructional strategies, assessment, and the use of the modular resources provided. W.E.S. will continue to receive modular kits containing equipment and supplies – essentially everything needed to support hands-on, activity-based, math and science instruction with our students.  Students in AMSTI schools develop the knowledge and skills to succeed throughout life.




Principal –​ ​Shea Essman

Counselor Laran Lofton

Instructional Coach- Hollie Perdue

Library Media-Terri Woodruff

Physical Education-Steve Lightsey
Special Education- Debra Vinson, Sherry Pate

Speech–Ruth Baker
Gifted Education-Jennifer Downs, Jill Chambers

Pre-Kindergarten- Amanda Greene, Tina McElroy, Meghan Sanders, Bridgett Perry

Kindergarten- Karmen Deerman, Stacie Gulley, Karen Morrison, Amiee Williams

First Grade- Amanda Cromer, Cori McBride, Amanda Shuttlesworth

Second Grade- Crystal Cook, Bethany Sloan, Emily Ellison

Third Grade​- Sheryll Morris, Peggy Vick

Fourth Grade- Kristin Lightsey, Rhonda Smith

Special Education Aides- Wendy Bates,​ Vickie Mitchell, Brandy Payne, Shelley Smith

Receptionist -Anne Kornegay

School Nurse- AnnElam

Bookkeeper- Connie Kornegay

​​Custodian- LindaTerry

Cafeteria Staff​ ​-Barbara Beams -manager, Joy Harrell, Sissie Williamson, Amanda Harrell




The policy of the Bibb County Board of Education and Woodstock Elementary is that good grooming and personal appearance are essential elements in the teaching and learning process. Therefore, it is expected that students dress in a manner that will ensure their health and safety and not detract from the learning environment. Parents will be called to bring a change of clothes if it is determined necessary. If the dress code is broken a second time, a corrective discipline action may be taken as stated in the Bibb County Student Policy & Code of Conduct Book.


Students must comply with the following guidelines:

Students must be neatly dressed, clean and well groomed while at school.
● Shoes or sandals must be worn at school. 
Open-heeled or loose fitting shoes, such as flip flops are discouraged due to student safety and PE.

● Hair should be clean, free of head lice or nits, well-groomed, not in the eyes, and of a length not dangerous around equipment.

● Activity sponsors may establish different rules for dress and grooming as a prerequisite for membership and participation in specific activities.

● Skirts, shorts, and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer in front and back. No slits or leg openings may be above mid-thigh. Leggings, or similar garment (i.e. jeggings, should be worn with appropriate outer garment ( ie t-shirts, shorts, dress, or skirt) and the outer garment must be at least mid-thigh length. Excessively tight leggings or jeggings will not be allowed.

● Students must secure loose pants around waist to prevent “sagging”.

● Halters, cut-off or see through shirts and blouses, tank tops, mesh shirts, spaghetti strap blouses, shirts, blouses, or pants that expose the midportion of the body, undergarments worn as outer garments, pajamas, or any other clothing that is determined to be too tight and revealing, suggestive or disruptive shall not be worn to school.

● Clothing or paraphernalia with slogans, flags, pictures or writings which are obscene, offesive, suggestive, controversial or which promote affiliation, activities or products prohibited by the Code of Student Conduct shall not be permitted at school, such as gangs, gambling, obscenity, profanity, etc.

● Clothing or paraphernalia with slogans, graphics or pictures that refer to alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco shall not be worn at school.

● Students may bring backpacks to school.
● Trench coats or other type long coats shall not be 
worn in the school building.
● Piercing, hairstyles, and other adornments (ie 
contact lenses) that draw attention to oneself in a manner that may be disruptive to the educational process are prohibited.


School hours are from 7:50 a.m. until 2:50 p.m
each day. The morning time 7:20 a.m. has been set for car riders to start unloadingeach day at the side drop off area **NOTE: Adult SUPERVISION must be in place outside to unload. The adult on duty will signal drivers to start unloading students. *Please do notdrop off before an adult is present!


MORNING PROCEDURES for 7:20 am - 7:50 am (1) Car Riders may unload at the front or side of building with adult supervision.


School Bell Schedule

Early Morning Bells:

7:20 a.m. First Bell- School doors open for bus and car rider students to unload. Breakfast is available for all students. Supervision of students begins.

7:50 a.m. Tardy Bell-The School Day Begins! If a student arrives after 7:50, the parent is required to come to the school office and “sign-in” the student for admittance to class.


Afternoon Dismissal Bells:

2:40 p.m.First Dismissal Bell-​ ​for PreK, K, 1st Grades students​ ​riding in cars will be taken to the side waiting porch. Students will be loaded when the 2:40 Dismissal Bell rings. Parents are expected to place their car in PARK and remain in car as students are loaded. The adults on duty will direct each child to their car.

2:50 p.m. Second Dismissal Bell-
Car Riders in 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grades.
riding in cars will be loaded from the side porch when the Second Dismissal Bell rings at 2:50. The adults on duty will call student names as the driver is identified.

2:55 Bus Riders in K-4: Students will be taken to load buses in front of school by the specific grade level teachers in the order noted on the “Bus Schedule”.

3:00 p.m. Final Dismissal Bell- WES Extended Day “After school “students will leave classroom and go to designated extended day area. All car riders should be picked up by 3:05each day to avoid incurring any afterschool charges. Emergency situations do occur, but not regularly.


Changes in student transportation should be sent to the office in writing at the beginning of the school day. Written requests for changes may also be sent by fax 205-938-2044 or email at: westrans@bibbed.org

Last minute transportation changes by phone will not be accepted.



When inclement weather occurs, or any other condition that affects school opening or closing, the Superintendent will consult EMA director to evaluate conditions to decide if Bibb County Schools will delay opening, cancel, or close early. The Telephone Communications System will send a “call-out” with a recorded telephone message alerting parents of the school closing information. An attempt to notify all students’ families will go out for the entire school district.It is important to keep your contact information up to date at all times. Please notify the school office with any phone changes you may have.



Woodstock Elementary offers extended learning programs, at a minimal cost, for enrichment, tutorial services, and to meet the needs of our community. We are pleased to be able to offer parents an “After-School Program” for a safe, nurturing place for their child to stay after school hours.  Students participating in our programs benefit from opportunities to participate in study groups, academic learning centers, recreational opportunities, homework help and tutoring, and numerous “hands-on” learning activities. Weekly fees are based on a “sliding pay scale” according to income. For more information about registration, contact the Extended-Day Program Manager, Mrs. Karmen Deerman @ 938-2028. Registration forms are available in the school office.

Extended Programs Operating Schedule

Before School 7:00a.m.  7:20a.m.

After-School: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

$10 registration fee

Before School

$1 per day


After School

$5 per day free lunch
$6 per day reducedlunch

$7 per day paid lunch

($1 per minute charge per student picked up after 6:00pm)



Where Did It Go? – LOST and FOUND

Our “Lost and Found” box is located in the janitor’s closet. Students may check the box upon request. Please help students locate items such as coats and jackets by placing their name inside the tag.



When students are absent or tardy from school, Woodstock Elementary sends a “call-out” message over the Communications telephone system to notify parents. Student attendance is monitored daily and specific “call-out” messages will be sent to parents each night until attendance infractions have been addressed or corrected.



Daily attendance and being on time for class is very important. Students learn and increase their knowledge by being in class each day. Our students deserve every opportunity for academic success. The Bibb County Policygoverning student attendance will be strictly enforced​ ​again this year. It is extremely important that parents fully understand the legal ramificationsof the​ ​Criminal Codeunder which the attendance policy has been placed because compliance is mandated! W.E.S. and the Bd. of Ed. Attendance Officer will handle all unexcused absences(3 or more) and all tardy cases as Truancy. Absences and tardies are recorded daily in the STI Program! Parents should locate this section in the Bibb County Student Policy and Code of Conduct Booklet.


If a child has an elevated temperature of 100 degrees, he/she should not attend school. The parent should keep the child at home until the temperature is normal for 24 hours. When a child becomes ill at school, the parent will be contacted immediately. The parent should make arrangements to pick the child up immediately. Please be certain that 3 names and correct telephone numbers are listed on your child’s emergency card. We will contact the persons in the order they are listed if we cannot reach the parent.



All medications administered at school must be taken directly to the office by the parent. Children are not allowed to carry meds on the school bus. Parents must complete a Medication Consent Formin the office for children taking ‘meds’ during the school day. Check with your child periodically to see if medicines are being administered correctly. If not, CALL the principal or school nurse ASAP.*NOTE:Medicines must be in the original container, along with written instructions. Each child must have their own bottle, sharing with siblings is not permitted.



Every effort has been taken to ensure a safe learning environment exists for all our students. Video surveillance cameras are located throughout the building and outside to monitor all activity within the school and outside school grounds. All areas of the school can be monitored simultaneously via split screen.



To ensure the safety and welfare of every student at Woodstock Elementary, ALL visitorsmust report to the office for permission to visit upon entering the building. Visitors are required to enter the building through the front entrance only. Authorized visitors will be issued a visitor’s pass prior to visiting inside the school. In view of the terrible events in other schools in our country, we will be taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our students. In the event that someone attempts to enter the building without authorization through the office, the police department will be contacted immediately. Security cameras are used for constant surveillance of all areas.


Visitor Passes will be granted for the following reasons:

(1)Breakfast/Lunch Pass- allows you to eat with the student during the scheduled breakfast/lunch time.

(2)Conference Pass-(Conferences should be scheduled at least one day in advance!) This pass allows you to meet with the teacher concerning the student and his/her individualized needs.

(3)Volunteer Pass-​ ​a time must be scheduled with the teacher (in advance)to work as needed. Parent Volunteers will have a work area outside the classroom to minimize classroom distractions.
(4)Visitor Pass-allows you to enter the classroom 
quietly to observe scheduled activities. Visitors should contact the school office in advance to schedule an observation time. Parents observing will sit in an area of the classroom that minimizes student distraction, Sitting beside your child to “assist” with work is not permitted. The teacher will not be permittedto talk with you during class time.



Woodstock Elementary recognizes the importance of parental involvement for the success of the child. The child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family. Woodstock Elementary is committed to building a strong parent-school partnership. A variety of events for parents will be offered during the school year, including parenting workshops/activities, volunteer programs, parent visitation days, parent conferences, “Donuts for Dad”, “Muffins for Moms”, parent planning and evaluation meetings. Parents are an important part of our Title I School-wide Improvement committee which helps plan and evaluate program goals and are committee members for our school accreditation AdvanceEd/ACIP plan.


Parent Involvement Team (PTO)

“Taking The Time To Make A Difference”Parent and family volunteers are needed! An hour a week or a few hours a month of your time to help our parent organization in various capacities would be very helpful. WES is proud to have an organized Parent Involvement Team to help support our students and school. Please consider becoming a “PTO” member by being an active participant in your child’s education. Meetings to discuss and plan activities and events will be held monthly.



Participation in the child nutrition program is strongly encouraged. We are proud to offer a “self serve” breakfast and lunch program. A balanced “hot” meal will be provided with a variety of food choices. Each month, your child should bring home a breakfast and lunch menu.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices:

  Full Price Reduced
Breakfast Price $1.25 $2.75
Lunch Price $0.30 $0.40



 Visitor’s Lunch - $4.00 Holiday Visitor Lunch- $5.75 Visitor Breakfast $2.25


Parents need to send enough money to pay for a week (or month) in advance. Federal regulations will not​ ​allow students to CHARGE meals! A daily balance record is kept on computer and deducted only when your child eats in the cafeteria. A “SEPARATE” check must be written for each child’s lunch account.Free and reduced meals are available for those who qualify.



Parents are discouraged from bringing in fast food items/soft drinks and restaurant plates to students for lunch or breakfast.(State Department of Ed. Wellness Policy)

Guidelines for “Brought Lunch” Items:

All foods (ex. hamburgers/fries) brought by children must be in an unidentifiable container (paper bag/lunchbox) that does not showfast food name/advertisement. Drinks must also be poured into a plain-non see through container such as a thermos before entering the school cafeteria. If the food items brought inare notin appropriate containers, you will beprohibited from

enteringthe cafeteria with them. Students are discouraged from bringing items that have to be heated.


Our school snack items are provided for our students’ convenience. Tickets for break food items may be purchased at the school store each morning upon arrival. Available items and prices are listed below.
Students may purchase Break Tickets25 cents per ticket. Students may use tickets to purchase items at break time from a selection of Healthy Snack Foods: low-fat milks- (white, chocolate, strawberry)/ fruit juices- (apple, grape, orange)/ low-fat rice krispy treats/ baked snakes- (chips, pretzels, cheese curls)/ 100% fruit gummy snacks/ ice-cream/etc.



Bringing “Play Things” To School

The only time students should bring toys, games, etc. to school is when the teacher​ ​instructs them to do so (for show & tell, for example). Items brought without permission, may be taken away and held by the principal until the last day of school.



School pictures will be taken in the fall and in the spring. The fall picture will be used in the yearbook. The spring picture will be a different type posed picture. Our class group picture will be taken on the

2018-2019 School Picture Dates

Fall:Thursday, September 6, 2018

Group: Monday, January 15, 2019 
Spring:Thursday, March 14, 2019




Woodstock Elementary is proud of the yearbook that we publish each school year. It contains pictures of students, staff, and candid shots of special activities and events that take place during the school year. It is a keepsake that you will want and treasure forever. Specific yearbook purchasing dates and prices will be announced during the winter months. Order forms will be sent home by students.


In order to promote our school goal of having 100% 
literacy, we have opened the Safari Book Store. The store is located in the center hall of the school directly across from the school lunchroom. It is set up to sell good quality children’s literature books on all reading levels at a cheap price. For children to develop a love for reading, they must be given the opportunity to own good books. The Safari Book Store will be open for business each week on Wednesday. BOOK PRICES - $2.00


All checks written to the school must have a current phone number and valid driver’s license number to be accepted. All returned checks will be handled by the Nexcheck Company. A returned check fee will be applied to collection totals on all checks. Upon receipt of a second returned check written by the same person or written from the same banking account, ONLY cash payment will be accepted for the rest of the year.



There will be three classroom parties this year: * Christmas* Valentine* End of Year*

Starting times will be announced. Refreshments for parties should be brought to the school office and left for the teacher to pickup at party time. Many parents like to send birthday treats for their child to share with classmates at snack time. We ask

that only store packaged treatsbe sentNO homemade treats are allowed!



The kindergarten teachers will use a kindergarten skills and objectives report card. Students will receive checks in performance areas to identify progress/ or lack of progress in mastering kindergarten skills each 9-weeks grading period. Teachers will schedule a conference with each parent during the year to discuss their child’s progress in the areas of reading and mathematics.


The first grade teachers will use the District first grade report card. The report card will show each student’s grade average in each subject area as well as additional detailed information about specific skills in core content areas. This report should assist parents to better understand their child’s performance level toward mastering first grade standards.



Students will receive grade averages​ ​in each core subject area every 9 weeks. Student averages are computed using grades from tests, class work, projects, class performance and homework assignments.


DIBELS Progress Monitoring

This assessment is administered to students to monitor reading achievement skills. The data is analyzed to determine reading intervention needs.



Students are expected to complete all assigned work neatly, to the best of their ability, and within the time limit specified.
*See Attendance Policy-“making-up” missed classwork



Parents should expect students to have homework regularly. Homework is designed to reinforce skills and concepts learned through classroom instruction. Parents need to support the efforts of their children and encourage them while doing homework, but should refrain from doing the work for them. Each child should also have a daily reading log to record their daily reading activity. We ask that each parent support good reading habits by monitoring and initialing daily.


 Student Grading Scale

A= 90-100   S= Satisfactory
B= 80-89   N= Needs to Improve
C= 70-79  Average U= Unsatisfactory
D= 60-69 Below Average  
F= 59 / Below Failure  


WES teachers in grades 1-4 use the STI Computer Program to record student grades. Academic performance is evaluated based on the student grading scale.



Parents have free internet access to monitor their child’s grades, discipline and attendance through the Parent STI Home Program. Please contact the school office for details.



Progress reports are a means of communicating to the parents/guardians of their child’s progress or lack of progress, either academically or behaviorally. This year ALL students in Grades 1-4 will take home Progress Reports after the 4thweek of taking grades in a 9-week grading period. If a student is having difficulty, is in danger of failing or is not working at his/her full potential, the parents are notified with the progress report. This notification will give parents an opportunity to work with the child to improve the grade to avoid a “failing” grade on report card. A conference should be scheduled with the teacher immediately concerning unsatisfactory reports.

 Progress Report Dates

1st Progress Report Thursday, September 6th
2nd Progress Report Thursday, November 8th
3rd Progress Report Wednesday, February 6th
4th Progress Report Thursday, April 18th



Students will take report cards home on the dates listed below. Parents need to sign the report card holder and return it to the school the following day. Conferences should be scheduled with the teacher concerning unsatisfactory grades on the report card.

1s​ Nine Weeks- Monday, October 15th
n​ Nine Weeks -Wednesday, January 9th 


3r​ d​ Nine weeks - Monday, March 18th
t​ h​ Nine Weeks - Thursday , May 23rd


In an effort to encourage academic excellence, students earning A’s​ ​and​ ​A-B’s, along with all S’s, will be recognized each nine weeks at an Honor Roll Assembly. Attendance awards will be given at the same time. Parents and family are invited to the special event. See assembly dates and times below:


Honor Roll Assembly Dates

Thursday, October 18th- 1st and 2nd Grade at 1:00 p.m.; 3rd and 4th Grade at 1:45 p.m.

Friday Janary 11th-  1st and 2nd Grade at 1:00 p.m.; 3rd and 4th Grade at 1:45 p.m.

Friday, March 22nd-  1st and 2nd Grade at 1:00 p.m.; 3rd and 4th Grade at 1:45 p.m.



Woodstock Elementary is always PROUD of our Aand​ ​A-B H​ onor Roll​ students. Recognition of their academic achievement is publicly announced by name and grade level on the Woodstock Elementary Honor Roll each 9-weeks. Student names will be published in the Centreville Press.



End of Year Awards
Monday, May 20 : 4th Grade Awards & Graduation

8:30 4th Grade Awards    10:00 4th Grade Graduation


Tuesday, May 21 Grade Level Awards:

8:30 - Kindergarten Awards
9:30 - Third Grade Awards
10:30 - Second Grade Awards

11:30- First Grade Awards




Students are expected to exhibit self control in all areas of the school environment. The school rules and expected behaviors in the various environments are outlined and explained in the following headings.


Classroom Behavior

It is imperative that there is an optimal learning environment within a classroom. For a student to learn, , there must be order and discipline. Students should act in a manner that enables them to acquire the fullest education possible.


Classroom Rules

1. L​isten the First Time

2. ​Come to Class Prepared
3. ​Respect Others and Their Property
4. T​alk or leave seat only with Permission ​

5. F​ ollow Classroom Rules


Assembly Behavior

Students are expected to sit quietly and listen during school assembly programs. Misbehavior will not be tolerated. Students should be well behaved and show respect for others. The classroom teacher will supervise students’ behavior and take actions when needed.


Bathroom Conduct

It is imperative that all students know and display good conduct each time he/she uses the school bathroom. Failure to comply with the following rules will result in a disciplinary action.

1. Go in and use the bathroom.​ Flush.

2 . ​Be Quiet in the bathroom.

3. ​Playing in the bathroom is not allowed.

4. C​limbing on stall walls is not allowed.

5. ​Looking under stalls at others is not allowed.

6. B​efore you leave: Put soap on hands/ Turn on water and wash for 1 minute. (ABC Song)

7. ​Get paper towel and dry hands completely. T​hrow towel in trash can.

8. ​Walk quietly back to class.


Hall Behavior

Students should act in an​ orderly manner ​that displays self control in the ​halls a​swell ​as​ the classroom.

1. A​lways Walk in halls – NO RUNNING

2. ​Go straight to your destination.
. K​eep hands OFF walls.
. K​eep hands OFF other students.

​5. ​Be quiet! Talking disturbs students learning.



The Bibb County Board of Education has adopted a S​ tudent Code of Conduct Handbook​ which will be strictly followed as our guide for resolving discipline problems. Every parent is given a copy to review. Parents must sign and return the front cover page of the booklet, as documentation of parents reading and understanding policies. This signed document is required in each student’s official school record folder.​ Teachers will direct all students to follow school rules and successfully choose appropriate behaviors. Consequences for misbehavior will be consistently and fairly administered.



Students at Woodstock Elementary are expected to put forth their best effort and to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that will promote a safe, orderly learning environment. Learning cannot take place in an undisciplined environment. School and classroom rules and expected behavior is explained to every child. Any behavior which causes the learning atmosphere to be disrupted, or which infringes upon the rights of others in the school, will not be tolerated and shall be subject to immediate corrective measures.



In considering disciplinary actions for inappropriate student behavior, Woodstock Elementary adheres to all State and County policies. Acceptable corrective measures may include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Teacher/Student/Principal conference.
2. Deprivation of privileges or preferred activities.

3. Time-out or isolation placement in the classroom.
4. Extra assignments or physical exercise.
5. In-school suspension or detention.
6. Corporal punishment.
7. Suspension from school.
8. Expulsion from Bibb County School System.


Parents may be called by the teacher or principal when discipline issues need to be corrected.


Physical Education Behavior

We strive to keep all students safe in every area of the school environment. It is imperative that the physical education teacher has conduct guidelines for the playground as well as the classroom. While physically active, student conflicts often appear. Rules in physical education will be implemented and strictly enforced. All students are expected to be well behaved during PE class.


1. Listen and follow directions the first time.

2. Bullying /Name Calling is not allowed.
3. Respect others students’ feelings
4. Walk to/from playgroup in orderly manner

5. Follow all rules given by PE teacher



The primary purpose of school buses is to transport 
students safely. In order to accomplish this purpose, the following guidelines will be followed on the bus.

1.All students will have assigned seats.
2. Students will remain seated at all times.

3. Students will not put feet and knees in the aisle, turn around in their seats, or reach over the seats.

4. Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus.

5. Students will not use profanity on the bus.
6.Students will not cut up, throw things, or make 
unnecessary noises on the bus.
7. Students must keep their hands to themselves.

8.Students must not participate in any form of violence.

9.Students must follow bus driver’s instructions.

10.Students must not destroy bus property.



Textbooks are furnished to students by the school system on a loanbasis and should be treated in a good manner. A textbook form must be signed each year by the parent/guardian when books are issued. Parents must pay for students’ loss, abuse and damage of school textbooks.


It is Bibb County Board Policy that fighting​ ​will not be toleratedunder any circumstance. Students are instructed to tell an adult if someone is bothering them. A fight is defined as any conduct falling within the Alabama statues defining assault, menacing and reckless endangerment. (Code of AL. Title 13A, of 1975)



At W.E.S. we strive to teach students RESPECT. This character trait builds self-esteem and a sense of well being. Name calling, threatening words or bullying will not be tolerated! Students and parents should report any incidents of bullying to the classroom teacher and/or school principal.



A student bringing a firearm (including pellet, BB gun) on any school property may be expelled from school! The principal will administer a disciplinary action immediately, after notifying the Superintendent and a Law Enforcement Agency! (Gun-Free Act 1994, AL State Law)



A student bringing any kind of toy gun or toy weapon to W.E.S. will be disciplined. By strictly enforcing theSafe School Lawthat ensures every student a safe learning environment, “toy weapons” will NOT be permitted at school. Please help us ENFORCE this rule!



Parents and students are prohibited from using or possessing any form of tobacco products in the school building and on school property! (AL. State Bd. of Ed. 1995 Regulation #290-030-010-06)


Student “INTERNET USE” Policy

The Bibb County Internet Acceptable Use Policy provides guidelines for using the Internet in school. The policy is designed to follow the legal guidelines mandated by federal regulations. If the policy is violated, privileges will be lost and/or a disciplinary action received. This document is required in EVERY student’s permanent record.


Student “PICTURE USE” Policy

The Bibb County Student Picture Acceptable Use Policyprovides guidelines requiring parents to determine permission for the school in using their child’s picture, work or name on the internet and in media publications. The policy is designed to follow the guidelines mandated by federal regulations. This document is required in EVERY student’s official school folder.



The Bibb County Student Code of Conduct Policy outlines the use of student cell phones. Students at WES should not use cell phones for telephone calls, texting, gaming, internet use, video, or picture taking while at school or on the bus. Students at WES are discouraged from bringing cell phones to prevent loss or theft.


WES strives to establish a wholesome school 
environment which promotes the development of healthy eating and physical activity habits in all our students. The Wellness Policy goal is to provide appropriate instruction that will influence students’ eating practices and increase the time involved in physical activities in order to develop strong healthy bodies and healthy practices as required by the law(CNP, WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004)



Chalkable Home -All parents can have internet access to monitor their child’s grades, discipline and attendance through the Chalkable Home Program. A username and password will be provided at the beginning of the year so that parents can remain informed of grades, attendance, and disciplinary referrals



Woodstock Elementary has a full time counselor. The purpose of the guidance program is to assist in making the educational process as effective as possible. Personal problems of students can seriously limit their educational development. Individual and group counseling programs will be scheduled across K-4 grade levels. You may call Ms. Laran Lofton at 938-2028. She will implement a new student recognition program for students “improving grades”on report card. The guidelines are described below:


B.U.G. CLUB – “Bring Up Grades” Club

Starting in the 2ndnine week report card grades, students improving five or more points in one or more subject areas will join the B.U.G. Club. The B.U.G. Club members will be recognized at each honor roll program and at the end of the year award ceremony.


Attendance Awards

Students displaying perfect and outstanding attendance will be honored at the completion of each nine weeks and again at the end of the year award ceremony. Perfect attendance is being at school every day with no check-ins or check-outs. Outstanding attendance is being at school every day with less than three check in or check outs. 


Students are encouraged to make use of the 
school library. All students are scheduled to visit our school library with their class to check out books, learn library skills and how to use the library and to work on reports or research topics. This is a very important part of teaching specific study skills. NOTE!Lost and damaged library book costs must be paid before additional books can be checked out.



Physical education is a requirement of all elementary students in Alabama. Any restrictions a child has should be made known to the school, accompanied by a doctor’s verification. A note must be brought from home if a student is “too ill” to participate in physical activities for a short period of time. Play clothes and tennis shoes should be worn everydayto ensure safety. All students are required to take a physical fitness test each year.



WES realizes the importance of technology in our world today. The school computer lab is scheduled weekly for “hands-on” computer skills and project based learning instruction activities connected to the classroom curriculum. Your child’s teacher will be planning fun and exciting activities for your child weekly utilizing technology.



The curriculum focuses on the four modes of writing development. Teachers implement specific classroom writing strategies that are aligned to State standards for grade level writing proficiency. The language arts curriculum is an integral part of the four writing modes. Students receive a specific grammar lesson and writing practice daily in one of the four modes of writing; narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive. Additional practice and instruction is provided through editing student and teacher generated sentences/paragraphs/stories.



The mathematics curriculum has been aligned with the State standards, the Alabama Course of Study, for grade level proficiency. The new math scope and sequence “Pacing Guide” outlines monthly instructional objectives. Students identified for math intervention receive explicit small group instruction based on needs.


Programs and Supplements to Support Math Curriculum:

WES incorporates instructional strategies utilizing Engage NY, Investigations, Performace Coach, and AMSTI training.

Important! - MATH Facts:It is important that your child masters the basic math facts presented throughout the year. Please pay special attention to the math facts presented each week and help your child so that they can be successful. Xtra Math will be used daily to monitor your child’s progress,



The reading curriculum has been aligned to State standards for grades PK-4. Teachers implement a balanced researched-based reading program that combines systematic and explicit instruction, rich themes and content, structured learning activities, and reading intervention. As an ARI school, our teachers have been trained to analyze student data, use data to guide reading instruction, and to implement research-based instructional strategies based on student needs. Students identified for reading intervention receive additional explicit small group reading instruction daily.


Music & Art Instruction:
Classroom teachers will implement various art and 
music activities throughout the year to enhance existing curriculum. Art & Music projects will also be integrated to recognize special holidays and events. Students will experience opportunities to create “hands-on” art that they will enjoy and be proud of.



Field trips are recognized as important learning extensions to classroom studies. All field trips must be approved by the principal and superintendent. Any adult attending a field trip with their child must complete an application and receive approval from the school principal well in advance of any trip.Younger/older siblings are not allowed to attend on WES trips. Strict adherence to all field trip guidelines is required.



Woodstock Elementary is proud to offer several types of clubs and organizations to our students. We strive to develop the “whole” child through enrichment opportunities and group activities with other students.


Safety Patrol
Fourth grade students who exhibit good citizenship and maturity may be selected for the Safety Patrol.

The patrol assists with the orderly movement of students to and from cars and buses as they load and unload. Please see Coach Lightsey for more information and to complete an application for this service club.


WES Student Council

Each class in Grades K-4 will elect representatives for the Student Council. Student council meetings will be scheduled once a month after school. Council members bring suggestions for school improvements. They adopt school and community projects that will develop citizenship and a better school spirit. Examples of such projects include canned food/toy drives, blood drives, Cookies for Courage, disaster relief, etc.



The WES Flag Team will be selected from the third grade. Students on the flag team will be responsible for appropriately raising and lowering school flags every day, if weather permits. Team members will coordinate a schedule to allow equal participation. Team conduct while completing job responsibilities must be respectful and quiet. A member will be taken off the flag team if behavior becomes an issue.