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School Drop Off and Pick Up

Morning Drop Off:
All car riders will be dropped off on the side of the building starting at 7:30 a.m. If you arrive after 7:50 a.m., your child will be considered tardy and you will need to sign them in at the office. (If there is not a WES Faculty Member at the car rider drop off, that means they have already gone in and your child is late.)
Afternoon Pick Up:
Afternoon pick up is located on both the front and sides of the school. Please look at the chart to figure out where your child will be and at what time they can be picked up. (If your child has an older sibling, they will be placed with them. Please come at the later time.) Please note that if you come too early, you may be asked to pull back around because we can't hold up traffic. Thank you for your understanding.
  Front  Side
2:30  PreK  K
2:40 First  Second
2:50  Third  Fourth
Important things to remember:
1.  Please have your child's tag visibly hanging from the rear view mirror.  This helps us call children's names faster.  If you need additional tags because multiple people may pick up your child on different days, please ask the office for additional tags.
2. Please put your car in park when you are in line.  This is for everyone's safety.
3. (This doesn't apply to PreK).  Please remain in your car.  We believe your child can enter and exit your car without assistance. This will help the line move faster as well.   If your child cannot do this, please let us know and we will see what can be done.  
4. Please be patient and if a Faculty Member directs you to move your vehicle, put your car in park, wait, circle back around, etc., please do so.  No directions is given "just because."  Their is always a reason.  Thank you for your cooperation.